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Nate Backman

My art is the physical representation of my most personal thoughts.  They are fleeting, but strong and at times, painful images that hit me at any time and without discretion.  I never set out with the intent of conjuring up images to create.  In fact, I would prefer not to experience these ideas.

As have many others, I've had some extremely dark periods in my life.  The way that I view "Sleep" in particular is that it's better him than me. 

The dark always gives way to light.  Knowing this allows me to focus on getting these emotions out in the form of artwork as opposed to the alternative.  In the process, I hope to create something that is if not beautiful, at the very least relatable.  None of it is meant to be shocking or dark.  It's just how I feel at the time.

The medium/manufacturing process of 3D printing allows absolute freedom.  I act on these ideas as fast as I can by 3D modeling in various software programs.  Once the models are complete, I make various choices as to how I will run the printing process. Models are then cleaned, painted, framed and protected. 

Thank you for taking time to view what at one time was only in my mind.

Nate Backman


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